Barista Express

Barista Express

It has been test­ed with: Fire­fox, Ocu­lus Brows­er and Su­per­me­di­um.

Vir­tu­al­ly be a barista in your very own café! This game is meant to be a step for­ward in the com­plex­i­ty of VR brows­er games.

Development This game was de­vel­oped in A-Frame and Three.js. Op­ti­miza­tion was done us­ing gltf-pipe­line. This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at

Hey there!

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Hello there,

I’m not sure if I did something wrong or missed a step. But when I play Barista Express on Oculus quest, the virtual controllers don’t follow my actual controllers. And I’m standing on the bar instead of behind it.

Hello Hossam_Basiony,

Weird, I will check it out on my Oculus Quest and get back to you!

Hi @Hossam_Basiony!

Welcome to the forums :partying_face:

I was unable to reproduce your issue. When was the first time you played the game? I am suspecting this might be a caching thing and your browser might be still using an old script.
Other, non-browser games work fine, right?

Thank you for telling us about this issue.

Looking forward to your reply,


I was trying to play this on my Rift S with Supermedium, all the other games on there work fine, but on Barista Express I have the same issue where I am actually standing in the counter, but my controllers are on the correct place behind it.
Hope you can help!

Is the game currently playable on rift with supermedium? I can’t get the game to show up on my headset.