Four In A Row


Four In A Row

Four in a row is a very well known game. It has sim­ple rules and any­one can play it.

There are ru­mors that the game was in­vent­ed by David Bowie. Who knows, it might be true! :)

Looking for more board games? Check out the Jo­cly Plaz­za, al­most all sup­port VR! Rules Each play­er in­serts one piece in­to one of the col­umns per turn. The first play­er to align 4 pieces in any di­rec­tion, in­clud­ing di­ag­o­nal­ly, wins the game. Jocly implementation De­vel­op­ment: Michel Gutier­rez (@_mig_) De­vel­op­ment & Graph­ic de­sign: Jérôme Choain (@jcfrog)

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